Kids 2019 SS

A m e l i a Welcome to Spring 2019 Schiffer Kids! Amelia and all her pals have been busy putting together a new and exciting list of books geared toward warmer weather and summer reading lists. One of the hottest trends in education is coming to Schiffer Kids! Augmented reality has arrived on the book farm with two new series, The Heartwarming Stories (p. 2) and the Creative Tales (p. 4). Using the easily- downloadable app, children can interact with the stories through a mobile device (phone or tablet) and literally watch the characters jump off the page! This fun and innovative technology will capture children’s imaginations and spark a new love for the printed word. Board book author Amalia Hoffman is taking young readers into outer space with her book, Astro Pea (p. 6) and returning author Misti Kenison is back with the third Fox & Goat Mystery, The Vanishing Baseball Cap (p. 8). Schiffer Kids is also in- troducing a book-game series that builds observation and memory skills starting with Where Is My House? and Where Is My Car? (p. 7). Popular author Karen S. Robbins stars this season with I Think I Can (p. 11), a new beginner’s book to read with a buddy featuring a lovable aardvark and mouse duo. Early spring is all about fashion as we hit the runway with Colors de la Runway (p. 20), a high-fashion book that teaches kids colors in both English and French. Then join sweetheart Jocelyn whose love of socks teaches her a gentle lesson about the complexities of emotions in Jocelyn’s Box of Socks (p. 19). Summer reading lists are about to get a lot more fun! Seasonal and informative picture books such as Bea’s Bees (p. 12), A Colorful Tail (p. 15), Sun and Moon Take Turns (p. 14), and How to Survive on a Desert Island (p. 16) take readers on adven- tures to learn the importance of preserving bumblebees, the colorful world of Monet, the science behind Earth’s day and night cycles, and essential survival skills for making the most out of imaginative summer play. The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived (p. 17) champions the courage of a young knight as he follows his dreams, and his heart, to create his own magical fairytale ending and then Timothy Young continues to delight with his book Untitled (p. 22), which will have kid’s laughing all sum- mer vacation long! Finally, for those middle-grade bookworms out there, discover how a boy’s notebook becomes radioactive and the drawings in it come to life in Mega Awesome Notebook (p. 24). Then follow a fourth-grade rock-loving scientist in Samantha Hansen Has Rocks in Her Head (p. 26) as she takes notes on the natural world, attempts to control her temper, and discovers the answers to questions she was always afraid to ask. Lastly, fans of Chadwick the Crab will love his Chadwick Treasury (p. 28), a wonderful new keepsake book that features the four classic stories of this famous blue crab and his Chesapeake Bay friends. Enjoy the warmth of spring and those lazy summer days reading under a shady tree! Tracee Groff Children’s acquisition editor & senior marketing manager #schifferkids, #learningwithamelia SCHIFFERPUBLISHING SCHIFFERPUBLISHING SCHIFFERBOOKS SCHIFFERBOOKS Find our titles on Netgalley This and other Schiffer Publishing catalogs are available on Edelweiss Interested in submitting a book proposal? Breathing life into new ideas and working with passionate authors is the heart of what we at Schiffer do every day. If you have a book idea and are interested in submitting a proposal for consideration, review our submission guidelines by clicking on the “Submit a Proposal” box on our website: Please note we do not currently accept submissions for fiction, autobiography, memoir, or poetry books.