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An Inspirational Guide to Being an Artist Craftsman
Jacklyn Scott, Kristin Müller & Tommy Simpson,
Foreword by Stuart Kestenbaum
• How to build and manage a career in art/craft? Personal answers
from 41 craftspeople, with 260+ photos
• Surprising approaches to reaching success and overcoming hurdles
while pursuing a life in the arts
• An intimate, practical perspective into the opportunities and
challenges of leading a creative life
Forty-one craftspeople answer the questions of who, what, when, where, and how
he or she started and maintains a career in the arts. Accompanied by more than 260
photos showing the artists, their work spaces, and their creations, each interview gives
experience-based answers to anyone interested in the lives of artists. For students
and career changers to makers at all levels, this resource captures insight into the
entrepreneurial nature of living a life in the arts—and the choices, bits of luck, joys,
and tenacity one needs to overcome hurdles in useful and surprisingways.The 41 artists
from across the United States work in many types of media; they include, for example,
woodturner Dixie Biggs, fiber artist Carol Eckert, metalsmith Pat Flynn, glass artist
Judith Schaecter, and ceramist Mara Superior. As their answers unfold, what develops
is a collection of independent voices that follow unique, creative journeys in the arts,
despite the twists and turns life takes.This distillation of expertise is a valuable resource
to all who are considering a creative career.
Jacklyn Scott
Kristin Müller
, and
Tommy Simpson
make up three
generations of artists who have an ongoing conversation about the adaptability required
to flourish as an artist. Stuart Kestenbaum is former director of theHaystackMountain
School of Crafts.
Size: 7" × 10" • 269 color images • 224 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5287-4 • hard cover • $29.99
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