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Find a Niche & Scratch It!
Thank you for your interest in our Spring/Summer 2017 frontlist catalog. Here, in
85 specialty titles, you will find the hard work of our passionate authors, who have
created books that educate, entertain, instruct, and inspire. These are the niche
books that today's readers are looking for.
Rubber Soldiers
(pg. 80), read the untold story of a Brazilian army sent to the
Amazon to harvest rubber for the Allied War effort during WWII. Brewery tourists
will want to, take a good sip of
Trappist Beer Travels
(pg. 8), a travelogue of Trappist
breweries around the world. Fans of pop culture will be thrilled with
Break Out
58), the story of the Apple II and how it launched the PC gaming revolution, as well
Lights, Camera, Game Over!
(pg. 58), an entertaining look at how video game
movies get made.
These highlights are in addition to an exciting selection of new coloring and water
coloring titles (starting on page 10) and , well-illustrated regional books for locals
and armchair travelers alike as well as titles representing our core categories of Art,
Craft, Design (pg. 31); Mind Body Spirit (pg. 61); and Military (pg. 71).
Digital editions of our catalogs are available on our website,
com, where you can view these titles along with our backlist catalog of 6,000+
titles. Additionally, new releases are listed on Edelweiss for book and specialty
stores alike. If you would like to receive other catalogs, please contact our customer
service team at
or (610) 593-1777.
Have a book idea? We welcome compelling voices. If you have a fresh idea, we
would love to hear from you. Glance through this catalog to see the types of books
we publish, and then visit our website to pitch your vision.
We hope you enjoy our books and we welcome you to “find a niche and scratch it”
with these titles.
—The Schiffer Publishing Team
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. Real insect specimens collected from Cameroon, Indonesia, and Thailand. 16
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From Inspired by Insects: Bugs in Contemporary Art
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