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Remodel Success:
Home Remodeling Done Right, On Time, and On Budget
Monica D. Higgins
• A hands-on homeowner guide to working with design and construction pros on remodeling projects
• Details how to hire the right contractor and avoid construction delays and budget overruns
• Comprehensive strategies for success, from planning to punch list
Most homeowners are uninformed and ill-prepared for big-ticket remodels. The knowledge they do have
often comes from reality-TV home makeover shows that gloss over the ingredients essential to success. This
book by a construction management pro gives homeowners increased confidence in making remodeling
decisions, and peace of mind. Learn the six biggest mistakes peoplemake when building a remodeling dream
team, painless ways to shave the budget, what to do when your contractor isn’t listening, and where to find
financing. In the coming years, home remodeling activity is projected to accelerate, maintaining a growth
rate above its long-term trend, according to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. Use the
guide’s exercises and checklists to help you develop and articulate your remodeling goals, make decisions
that align with your vision, and manage details, relationships, and budget.
Native Angeleno
Monica D. Higgins
, MBA, LEED AP, is the founder of Renovation Planners (www., a certified construction management firm; and Remodel Genius (
com), an online school.
Size: 6" × 9" • 128 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5405-2 • soft cover • $16.99
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Mr. President and The First Lady:
The DC Eagle Cam Project
Teena Ruark Gorrow & Craig A. Koppie, in cooperation with the American Eagle Foundation
• American bald eagles nest in the nation’s capital while millions watch around the world
• Detailed chronology of the American bald eagle nesting season, from mating to fledging of young
• Rare images of eaglet antics from the American Eagle Foundation’s DC Eagle Cam Project
When newly paired American bald eagles nested in a tulip poplar tree at the United States National
Arboretum, the American Eagle Foundation partneredwith theDepartment of Agriculture and theNational
Arboretum to launch the DC Eagle Cam Project. With 63 million views from 100 countries during 2016,
the raptor parents known as Mr. President and The First Lady became an international sensation. Witness
their charming family story through nest cam images and rare photographs captured around the nesting
territory. See how the parents meet, get an inside view as their eggs hatch, and watch the eaglets’ amazing
transformation from hatchlings to fledglings. The chronology of events includes facts about the physical
and behavioral characteristics of this once-endangered species. Also get behind-the-scenes information
about the DC Eagle Cam Project and learn how you can help. Learn about the American Eagle Foundation,
an eagle named Challenger, and the National Arboretum. This family treasure is a must-have for bald eagle
enthusiasts, nature lovers, and DC Eagle Cam fans.
In cooperation with the
American Eagle Foundation
Teena Ruark Gorrow
Craig A.
present the celebrated story of the bald eagle family featured on the Gorrow, a
college professor, lives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with her husband. Koppie, a raptor biologist, lives near
Annapolis with his family.
Size: 9 1/8" × 8 1/8" • 309 color images • 128 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5360-4 • hard cover • $24.99
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Early Praise
“The story of bald eagle nesting pair Mr. President and The First Lady has captured the imagination and
touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide. This special book provides unique photographs of
this eagle family’s annual nesting activities via two live stream video cameras. Thanks to the American
Eagle Foundation, our country’s iconic national bird is back in the forefront!”
– Jack Hanna, director emeritus, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium &
host of
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