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German U-Boat Ace Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock:
The Patrols of U-96 in World War II
Luc Braeuer
• Commander Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock and the U-96, the true story
behind the film
Das Boot
• U-96 survived eleven patrols from September 1940 to March 1945
• Illustrated with 230 rare pictures, mostly unpublished, chronologically
organized by patrol
With the international success of the classic film
Das Boot
, U-96 is arguably
the most famous of all German U-boats. Here is the true story of U-96, and
its legendary commander Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock. In continuous
combat from September 1940 to March 1945, follow the crew of U-96
from their bases in Kiel, Germany, as well as Lorient and St. Nazaire on
the west coast of France, to intense combat against Allied shipping. During
eleven combat patrols in the North Atlantic under Lehmann-Willenbrock,
U-96 sank twenty-four Allied ships, eventually earning its commander the
Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves. One of their patrols was documented by
war correspondent Lothar-Günther Buchheim, which was later novelized
and made into the film
Das Boot
. This biography of Heinrich Lehmann-
Willenbrock, and history of U-96 is based on theWWII captain’s log as well
as the recollections of crew members.
Luc Braeuer
, born in Paris in 1970, is a computer engineer and officer in
the reserve. Specializing in German submarines in France, he is the French
correspondent for the U-Boat Archive, Cuxhaven. With his brother, he
created three WWII museums in France.
Size: 9" × 12" • 230 color and b/w photos • 80 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5401-4 • hard cover • $29.99
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