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Painterly Days: The Flower
Book for Adults
Kristy Rice
Painterly Days:
12 Colored Pencils
Kristy Rice
Painterly Days:
The Pattern Watercoloring
Book for Adults
Kristy Rice
Painterly Days:
The Woodland Watercoloring
Book for Adults
Kristy Rice
Painterly Days:
18 Watercolors
Kristy Rice
Praise for kristy’s painterly days series
“As a watercolor, fine art painter, I can’t say I’m really a coloring book aficionado. So, when
I first got my hands on Kristy’s book, I was blown away by the quality of the book, the high
artistic level of the art, the little extras such as a color wheel and a commentary section about
the drawings intended to capture the imagination of the colorist. If you’ve compared Kristy’s
books to the hundreds of coloring books on the market you know they are gems, whether you
use watercolor or not. Creations and creators like this are rare.”
– Steve Mitchell,
“You can tell Kristy is a watercolor artist herself—the images in the coloring books are
both generously sized with open spaces for washes, and intricate for those of us who
love itty bitty details! I love to use my finished pages in frames, on cards, or anything
I can dream up. The Painterly Days watercolor coloring books are a treat for advanced
painters and beginners alike.”
– Kristina Werner, designer/
Kristy Rice
created the innovative brand
Momental Designs, which focuses on styling,
stationery, design, and art licensing. The
company garners global attention from media,
celebrities, and some of theworld’smost creative
individuals and iconic brands.
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