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• Concise, illustrated history of the design, development, and deployment
• The United States’ premier self-propelled artillery piece of WWII and Korea
• Profusely illustrated with archival photographs along with a detailed record
of existing examples
in over 200 photographs, providing a detailed study of the conception,
development, testing, and combat use of these key vehicles. As the US
enteredWWII, the nation lackedheavy self-propelled artillery, instead relying
heavily on towed artillery, much of it WWI-surplus. Only 100 examples of
the nation’s first heavy self-propelled gun, theM12, were built. Finding favor
once deployed, attention was turned to developing an improved model.
Carriage was first fielded in the closing months of WWII. Already scheduled
for mass production, the M40, and its companion 8-inch howitzer-armed
M43, continued to see extensive use during theKoreanWar, providing crucial
support to infantry and armor formations. Historic period images, as well as
meticulously photographed surviving examples, provide a detailed look at
this important piece of US military hardware.
Author of over 100books,
was presented theBart Vanderveen
Award, recognizing, “…the individual who has contributed themost to the
historic preservation of military vehicles worldwide” in 2015 by theMilitary
Vehicle Preservation Association.
Size: 9" × 9" • 209 color and b/w photos • 112 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5402-1 • hard cover • $19.99
andM43Howitzer Motor Carriage inWWII and Korea
David Doyle
Panzerkampfwagen Iv:
The Backbone of Germany’s WWII Tank Forces
• A photographic history of the design, development, and deployment of Germany's most-used tank of WWII
• Chronicles the development, production, and operational use of all models from Ausf. A to J
• Profusely illustrated with scarce, archival photographs from collections around the world
The Panzerkampfwagen IV, or Panzer IV as it ismore popularly known, formed the backbone of Germany’s tank formations
during WWII. With production totaling more than 8,500, the Panzer IV was the most plentiful German tank of the war,
and the onlyGerman tank that remained in production for the duration of the conflict.Throughmore than 180 photos, this
volume chronicles the design, development, and operational deployment of this ubiquitous German tank. This material
is arranged in nine chapters, each focusing on a specific production model (Ausführung) of the tank. Comprehensive
tables reveal the details of the performance and technical specifications of each variant. A concise, easy to read text, and
detailed photographic captions expose the secrets of this iconic tank.
Size: 9" × 9" • 183 color & b/w photos • 112 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5359-8 • hard cover • $19.99
David Doyle
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