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How to Create Encaustic Art:
A Guide to Painting with Wax
Birgit Hüttemann-Holz
• The how-to book for anyone interested in painting encaustic works of art
• Over 175 photos capture encaustic art’s beauty, and detail everything from
basics to special techniques
• Encaustic art’s allure is the depth effect of the transparent layers; new lighting
means new effects!
Internationally successful encaustic artist Birgit Hüttemann-Holz walks
you through the ancient art of hot-wax painting. Learn the basics, step by
step—materials and supplies, encaustic mediums and coloring agents, and
surfaces like canvas or textured substrates. Following her guidance, discover
how to apply hot liquid wax and fuse it using tools like a hot air gun or
propane torch to achieve the various effects. Included are detailed photos
that present the entire spectrumof encaustic: smooth and textured surfaces,
scraping and relief imprinting techniques, accretion, working with palette
knives and collages, and even special techniques like accents with metal
leaf or organic materials. Find inspiration from a gallery section of art by
eleven top encaustic artists. Whether you are just beginning or are looking
for easy-to-follow instructions to enhance your work, this indispensable
guide shows the myriad possibilities for artistic design with encaustic art.
discovered the ancient technique of encaustic
after painting for years. Today, after training in encaustic methods, she
exhibits regularly in galleries in Europe and the US. She has won numerous
national and international accolades, gives lectures, and runs workshops on
the art of encaustic. She lives and works in Detroit.
Size: 8 1/2" × 9 7/8" • 177 color images • 128 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5416-8 • soft cover • $29.99
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