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Turquoise Mines, Minerals, andWearable Art
2nd Edition
• Immersion into the story of turquoise from ancient times to the present
• Covers over 50 mines worldwide and hundreds of examples of cut, polished, and set pieces
• Turquoise amazes the senses with its breadth of colors, patterns, and designs
Explore the fascinating history and contemporary influence of turquoise as a gemstone of choice for collectors, artists,
and jewelry wearers. Immerse yourself in its history from ancient times to the present, and the influence of Native
American artists inmaking this gemstone an enduring part of popular culture inAmerica. Illustratedwith over 500 color
images, this updated second edition includes nearly 150 photos never seen before. It shows turquoise from Arizona,
New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada, plus Australia, China, and Iran, and the major localities in between. The gems
appear in their natural state, cut, polished, and set into silver and gold jewelry. Extensive text details the gems’ values
and the many mines that have relinquished turquoise over thousands of years.
MarkP. Block
is the proprietor of Mark BlockOriginals Fine Art, ( and a long-time collector of gems
and minerals, particularly varieties of quartz, calcite, fluorite, and turquoise.
Size: 8 1/2" × 11" • 553 color and b/w images • 176 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5364-2 • soft cover • $29.99
Mark P. Block
Collector’s Guide to Silicates:
Di- and Ring Silicates
• Comprehensive treatment of di- and ring silicate minerals—their chemistry, structure, classification, properties, and
• Detailed entries for accepted species, color photos, and structure diagrams
• Includes many familiar colored gems and faceted stones shown in brilliant color
This book explains the structural relationships among di- and ring silicateminerals, known for their hardness and brilliant
colors, and the geological conditions that create the beautiful crystals prized by collectors. The minerals are arranged
systematically to emphasize how they fit into structural groups, and generously illustrated with nearly 600 structure
diagrams, color photos, and drawings. An extensive bibliography includes a broad range of easily accessible references
ranging from the foundational literature and original species descriptions to reports on current scientific research.
Size: 8 1/2" × 11" • 581 color images • 272 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5436-6 • hard cover • $45.00
Robert J. Lauf
The Unofficial Guide to Vintage Transformers:
1980s Through 1990s
• Hundreds of toys in and out of packaging, rarely seen variants, international releases, and tons of
licensed merchandise
• A great introduction to one of the largest action figure brands ever
• Japanese and other international variations are also shown, culminating with the Beast Wars toy line
For many years, the Transformers have been a staple of pop culture. As new and old collectors seek to enhance their
knowledge of this toy line, this book provides a wide view of the Transformers action figures from their earliest
incarnations, their journey through the 1980s, and culminating with the Beast Wars in the 1990s. Extremely well
researched, this guide provides information on the development of the figures while explaining their key features,
along with showcasing many figure variations. Featuring images of figures both in and out of package, yearly product
listings for easy reference, and pricing examples for many key items, this book is a great tool for reintroducing yourself
or getting familiar with these toys from the past.
J.E. Alvarez
is a human being who occasionally has “feelings.” In the almost twenty years since completing the first
edition of this book, Alvarez pursued a career in the toy and entertainment industry. Semi-retired, he now spends most
of his time at home raising his two children.
Size: 8 1/2" × 11" • 811 color and b/w images • 176 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5441-0 • soft cover • $29.99
J. E. Alvarez
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