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Luxury Design for Living
Steve Huyton
• A roundup of some of the world’s most innovative and luxurious products
• 144 exclusive objects encompassing homes, automobiles, furniture, and timepieces
• The ultimate guide for connoisseurs of fine design
Luxury is defined in this stylish look at over 144 examples of ultra-high-end architecture, automobiles,
timepieces, and lifestyle objects. Nearly 300 glossy images showcase the talents of some of the world’s most
creative designers—some instantly recognizable, others up and coming. Stunning photos of highly engineered
houses, sleek furniture, bespoke timepieces, and the fastest, coolest cars are accompanied by a synopsis of
the concept and brand. These pristine objects exist in a rarefied realm, offering their owners the ultimate in
comfort, performance, and aesthetic pleasure.
is anAustralianwriter specializing in art anddesign.He haswritten for international publications
Luxurious Magazine
, and
Roche Elite
. He publishes a website,
Size: 9" × 12" • 288 color images • 288 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5421-2 • hard cover • $60.00
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Heavy Timber Structures:
Creating Comfort in Public Spaces
Anthony F. Zaya & Tim Diener
• Explores the physiological and aesthetic benefits of heavy timber construction in public spaces
• Includes 35 case studies from health care facilities and houses of worship to zoos and museums
• Over 450 color photos, plans, and diagrams demonstrate the artistry of building with heavy timbers, from solid
timbers to glulams and peeled logs
In the triumvirate of dominant structural building materials—wood, metal, and masonry—each has its
advantages, but none are as intertwinedwith the human spirit as wood.Thirty-five public buildings illustrate
howheavy timber framing can address familiar programmatic issues such as structure, economics, aesthetics,
and sustainability. Timber framing can also have a positive effect on human emotions and physiology. In
addition to being warm to the touch, wood building interiors have been widely proven to reduce blood
pressure and heart rate and to speed convalescence in health care facilities. More than 450 photos, plans,
and diagrams show how framing from solid timbers to glulams and peeled logs are designed for durability
and expressiveness. The finished projects aptly demonstrate what it means not only to shape buildings, but
how they shape us.
Rhode Island native
Anthony Zaya
is president and co-founder of Lancaster County Timber Frames. He
holds a master’s degree in industrial arts.
Tim Diener
holds a bachelor of fine arts degree in sculpture from
Tyler School of Arts of Temple University and a master’s degree in Japanese history fromCornell University.
Size: 12" × 9" • 461 color and b/w photos • 176 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5420-5 • hard cover • $45.00
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