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Selected Works
Timothy J. Standring, William H. Gerdts, Robert C. Jackson
• More than 200 thought-provoking paintings and drawings span 40 years in Fraser’s career
• Full-color images appearing together with their companion drawings and close-up details demonstrate the
artist’s approach
• The art world describes Fraser’s work with adjectives like quirky, intense, humorous, personal, and surreal
Visually stunning, informative, and broad in scope, this comprehensive overview gathers the works of
renowned still-life painter Scott Fraser. Beautiful full color images of his body of work are accompanied by
companion drawings and detailed close-ups, demonstrating the artist’s approach to painting. A summary of
his work, an interview with Fraser by artist Robert C. Jackson, and an extensive chronology of works allow
the reader to explore the path of growth and development that took him froma landscape painter in the 1980s
to the nationally renowned still-life painter that Fraser is today. His intense scrutiny of objects is revealed in
full-page details of several important works. The over 200 drawings and paintings included here also reveal
how Fraser’s passion for art history is a strongly recurring theme, often demonstrating itself in surprising
ways. This book offers valuable insights for collectors, museums, students, academics, artists, and everyone
interested in contemporary still life painting.
Timothy J. Standring
is theGates FoundationCurator of Painting&Sculpture at theDenver ArtMuseum.
He has curated over thirteen exhibitions at the museum and has published widely on subjects that include
British watercolor sketching, Van Gogh’s drawings, and Degas’ monotypes.
Size: 12" × 12" • 204 color & b/w images • 240 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5398-7 • hard cover • $75.00
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Frozen Lives:
Karl and Anna Kuerner, Andrew Wyeth’s Iconic Couple
LuLynne Streeter
• Paints an intimate portrait of Karl and Anna Kuerner, two of Andrew Wyeth’s most recognized models
• Follows the Kuerners from war-ravaged Germany to America and a young genius named Andrew Wyeth
• Their complicated impact on Wyeth involved bucolic farm life, laughter-filled childhoods, insanity, and complex
family dynamics
To their children, Karl and Anna were “ordinary” people. To the rest of the world they were the extraordinary
faces immortalized by Andrew Wyeth. Their story shows they were also far more complicated. Reflecting
unprecedented access granted to the author by the Kuerner family, this compellingly readable book sheds
light on the complex impacts the Kuerners had on Andrew Wyeth. Even as a young boy growing up in
Pennsylvania’s rural Brandywine Valley, he was fascinated by his intriguing neighbors, and they would be
a major source of Wyeth’s inspiration for more than seventy years. Karl Kuerner, hardened by poverty and
his service in the German Army during World War I, faced demons of anger and frustration. Anna had her
own battles, sometimes wandering the farm muttering to herself in German, between periods in the insane
asylum. Included are family photos as well as color images of some of the major Wyeth paintings that the
Kuerners and their farmscape inspired.
is an award-winning author, poet, and journalist. She has traveled extensively throughout
the United States and Mexico and currently lives and writes in Galveston, Texas.
Size: 5 1/2" × 8 1/2" • 27 color & b/w images • 128 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5415-1 • hard cover • $19.99
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