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Rupert’s Tales:
The Nature of Elements
Kyrja, Illustrated by Lesli Pringle-Burke
• Rupert the rabbit learns about Nature’s elements through 4 engaging stories
• Rupert explores classical elements—Air, Fire, Water, and Earth—and their connection to courage, acceptance,
compassion, and helping others
• Continues teaching children about the world through Pagan traditions
Rupert’s Tales continuewith four newadventure stories in
The Nature of Elements
. Rupert the rabbit learns how
courage, acceptance, compassion, and helping others are connected to the classical elements of Air, Fire,Water,
andEarth. In “TheCourage toFly,”Grandmother Spinner teaches Rupert that knowledge is only the beginning
of wisdomwhen she asks for his helpwith a birdwho has fallen from the sky. Rupert discovers in “Some Like It
Hot” that the Element of Fire is the realm of action and turning words into deeds. When Dylan the dolphin is
stuck far from the sea in “TheMystery of Lessons,” Rupert receives a lesson in compassionwhenGrandmother
Spinner asks for his help oncemore, and, finally, Rupert is rewarded for his assistance in “The Sounds of Earth”
when he helps Erik the earthworm finally get some sleep. Includes 39 vibrant illustrations. For ages 5–8.
growing list of titles includes the Rupert’s Tales series, the Gatekeeper’s Choice series, and
Monster Got Mom
Lesli Pringle-Burke
is an artist that enjoys bringing bright characters to life through
her Magical Realism style of painting.
Size: 9 1/8" x 8 1/8" • 39 color illustrations • 64 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5387-1 • hard cover • $16.99
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Have You Heard?:
A Child’s Introduction to the Ten Commandments
Rabbi Jeffrey Glickman, Illustrated by Eric Krackow
• A young child’s book about the Ten Commandments
• Makes important values understandable to children
• An introduction to religious ethics that speaks to both child and parent
TheTenCommandments speak to every part of our lives and hold important values for children. Rabbi Jeffrey
Glickman frames this traditional text in a way a small child can understand. Beautifully illustrated, this is
a wonderful first book for parents who want to introduce their children to religious ethics. Translating the
commandments from the original Hebrew, Rabbi Glickman teaches important life lessons: adultery is really
about keeping promises; words are powerful, so use them carefully. Concepts including love, respect, and
humility are tenderly presented. This treasure for young and old includes activities and discussion starters
that parents and educators can use to teach children about each of God’s commandments. Children will
enjoy finding a surprise on each page! Cozy up with your child, because this book will be read over and over.
Rabbi Jeffrey Glickman
leads Temple Beth Hillel of South Windsor, Connecticut, while serving as
chaplain with the town’s police and fire departments. Jeffrey and his wife Mindy continue to be amazed by
their children.
Size: 9" × 9" • 10 color images • 32 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5395-6 • hard cover • $14.99
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