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Sticks ‘n Stones ‘n Dinosaur Bones:
Being a Whimsical “Take” on a (pre)Historical Event
Ted Enik, Illustrated by G. F. Newland
• Spins an infamous feud between fossil hunters into a Dr. Seuss–inspired American tale
• Playfully introduces kids to fossil-hunting and an actual historical event
• Perfect for would-be dinosaur hunters, budding scientists, and kids who like history
The first book in the UnhingedHistory series is a ripping yarn—full of adventure and deceit—that brings to
life the best-known public spat in all of paleontology: the bitter rivalry between Edward Drinker Cope and
Othniel CharlesMarsh.This frenzy of discovery and one-upmanship—known today as the BoneWars—was
a gold rush–like scramble to find the most and “best” dinosaur fossils, thus bringing glory to their respective
home-base universities. Lively and witty rhymes plus wonderfully demented illustrations reveal how the
paleontologists’ infamous rivalry began, and how—despite making genuine and lasting contributions to the
field—their mutual obsession with outdoing one another spun out of control.
Ted Enik
has worked as an illustrator for most of the well-known New York publishing houses,
applying his versatility to both original art as well as classic and current children's book characters, including
The Magic School Bus
G. F. Newland's
doodles have made their way onto buttons, bags, posters, and T-shirts, and have been
published by the likes of Scholastic, Hachette, and Pixel Mouse House.
Size: 8" x 10" • 50 color illustrations • 48 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5394-9 • hard cover • $16.99
early praise
“A hilarious romp of a hard-to-believe yet true tale, cleverly spun by Ted Enik and charmingly illustrated
by G.F. Newland. A book to be enjoyed by dinosaur lovers of all ages!”
– Robin Preiss Glasser, illustrator of Fancy Nancy series
“The writing is excellent. . . . Adults will find the saga just as fascinating as children…The book is a fun
read for kids, adults, teachers, and their students. It also contains a good moral to discuss.”
– Elizabeth Franklin,
Portland Book Review
Unraveling Rose
Written by Brian Wray, Illustrated by Shiloh Penfield
• A cuddly stuffed rabbit named Rose helps families understand obsessive thoughts and behaviors in children
• What happens when Rose can’t stop pulling on the loose thread under her arm
• Shares a positive outcome for a complicated issue
Rose is a stuffed bunny who loves the little boy she lives with and all the fun they have together. They play
in the park, paint pictures, and read stories. Everything is perfect, until she discovers a loose thread dangling
from her arm. Rose tries to ignore the little string, but it is no use. No matter how hard she tries, Rose can’t
stop pulling at it. Before long, the thread is all she can think about. Slowly, her arm unravels, its stuffing falls
out, and Rose can no longer do the things she loves doing. Can Rose find a way to forget about the little
loose thread? The story offers a great way for parents and teachers to talk to children about what happens
when impulsive and obsessive thoughts get in the way of enjoying everyday life, and what to do about it.
has beenwriting professionally since 2003. He has written forWalt Disney Studios and earned
both television producing andwriting credits. Inspired by the bottomless imagination of his daughters, Brian
focuses on storytelling for children.
Size: 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" • 23 color images • 32 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5393-2 • hard cover • $16.99
early praise
“Although this beautifully written and delightfully illustrated book is written for children, this story helps
us all realize that being perfect is not what really matters, and that we can learn to appreciate life with all
its imperfections.”
– Linda Mayers, Ph.D., child psychologist
“A delightful read that somehow manages to address important mental health issues in a warm,
child-friendly manner. I expect Rose’s story will help inspire children in their journey to understand and
overcome anxiety.”
– Matthew Goldfine, Ph.D., clinical psychologist for children, adolescents, and young adults
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