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The Empathic Ghost Hunter
Bety Comerford & Steve Wilson
• An alternative guide that teaches how to rely on empathy and sensitivities to discover and help ghosts
• Includes tools to understand and use empathy and energy movement while ghost hunting
• Lessons for empaths or those wishing to better their empathy skills
This book is different fromyour typical how-to guide for ghost hunting. It’s designed to give the empath, and
anyone sensitive to energy, tools for accepting things that go bump in the night. Empathic ghost hunters will
learn to depend not only on the energy of the living, but that of the dead as they search out paranormal activity.
Each chapter includes a story, taken from the authors’ experiences in their own ghost-hunting practice, as well
as a lesson for empaths or those wishing to better their empathy skills. Find out how to “lighten” a space, a
house, or a life, by changing the energy, thereby allowing ghosts to move on. Discover what an empath feels
andwhat he/she can do toworkwith the gift of empathy. Now you can unravel and demystify the phenomena
of the paranormal, and bring light to a subject fraught with fear and misunderstanding.
and paranormal investigators withmore than thirty years of experience helping empaths and those sensitive to
energy understand their gifts and to gain a deeper understanding of things that go bump in the night.
Size: 6" × 9" • 112 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5409-0 • hard cover • $16.99
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Life After Death:
An Analysis of the Evidence
Robert Davis, PhD
• The latest evidence and scientific-based theories concerning the concept of life after death
• An objective evidence-based analysis of the consciousness-brain connection, reincarnation, near-death and
out-of-body experiences,mediumship, apparitions, and quantum physics
• Written by an internationally recognized neuroscientist from Ohio State University
Join internationally recognized sensory neuroscientist Robert Davis as he examines the latest experimental
evidence and theories of existence after “death.” This treatment is comprehensive in scope and combines
the most recent experimental and anecdotal evidence. Davis explores the potential for an afterlife through
the analysis of case studies, interviews, and researched findings of near-death and out-of-body experiences,
mediumship, apparitions, psychic explanations, and reincarnation. In addition, he examines evidence-based
scientific theories that include the multiverse, biologic brain activity, consciousness-brain connection, and
many others. Davis offers compelling data in an unbiased presentation to answer the age-old question: Is
death really the end of life or is there life after death?
Dr. RobertDavis
, an internationally recognized scientist, graduated with a PhD in sensory neurosciences
fromOhio StateUniversity and served as a professor for over thirty years. He has published over forty articles
in scholarly journals and lectured at national and international conferences.
Size: 6" × 9" • 208 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5438-0 • soft cover • $19.99
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From the Book
The concept as to whether the essence of our being“gets out of this world”after death of the physical body
has concerned humankind fromearliest times. Ever since we stopped crawling out of the primordial soup
and evolved into inquisitive and inventive complex language-based bipedal primates, people have wondered
if upon death we diminish into a void of nonexistence, persist in an alternate realmof existence, or revive in
a cycle of reincarnation. Is death really the grand finale? Despite claims to the contrary, however, there is no
conclusive proof of a formof existence after death.And while youmay not require such proof, I do.
— Robert Davis, PhD
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