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Tarot Tracker:
A Year-Long Journey
Angelo Nasios
• A simple and effective annual tarot calendar and journal to keep track of daily readings
• Quick and easy meanings for each of the cards to help interpret your journey
• Begin any time during the year to chart your spiritual progress through the Tarot
Keeping a record of Tarot readings to plot your growth over a year can be daunting. Now you can use this
simple, effective, and beautiful annual tarot calendar and journal to keep track of your daily readings and
seasonal occasions. Foster a personal bond to your cards and create a permanent record to keep forever to
understand andplan your special path. Findout what the yearmay bring, record and reflect ondaily andnightly
readings, recognize patterns in your life, and connect personal experiences to the cards. Begin your calendar
journey at any time during the year, and use the knowledge you accumulate to chart your spiritual progress
through the Tarot. Includes quick and easy traditional Tarot card meanings to help interpret your journey.
isTarot Professionals’ “Tarosophist of theYear” for 2011. He has been studying formore than
a decade, is well known for his YouTube channel, and shares his passion for Tarot through informative videos.
Size: 6" × 8 1/2" • 400 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5439-7 • hard cover • $24.99
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White Witch Tarot
Maja D’Aoust
• A Majors-only deck exploring 22 Tarot archetypes via meditative art and channeled mysteries
• Divination method mirrors the Shakespearean therapy of characterization where we see our problems through
another lens
• Created through decades of research into Alchemy and different divination modalities
Use the transformative and healing power of the white witch as White Witch Maja D’Aoust explores the 22
Major Arcana archetypes of the Tarot throughmeditative art and channeledmysteries in this stunning black
and gold deck and companion guide. Use this deck as a traditional Tarot Majors-only system or delve into
a technique using protagonists and antagonists pitted against each other until they reach unification, much
like Shakespearean therapy where we explore problems via another lens. Learn to visualize and build your
own reality by discovering answers to your deepest questions, bringing to light powerful truths, and seeing
the radiance of the self through a poetic treatment of the Majors. Created through decades of research into
Alchemy and different divination modalities, this deck offers a fresh new perspective on using the cards to
unveil what has been hidden.
Maja D’Aoust
is a practicing White Witch whose interest in alchemy and the esoteric sciences spans her
entire lifetime. Maja earned her masters degree in transformational psychology focusing on Shamanism and
the I Ching and writes about alchemy and magic.
Size: 4" × 5" × 1" • 22 art cards • 48 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5367-3 • box set • $24.99
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From the Book
Consider and Answer Some of These Powerful Questions
• What should I focus on?
• What can I learn today?
• How can I serve others best?
• How did I properly use my energy?
• How did I poorly use my energy?
• What lessons did I learn?
• How did I shine today?
• What should I release from today?
early praise
“Fates be praised! For her images . . . flicker like faces in the curling smoke of Delphi, shape-shifting
shamanic glyphs that channel the always mutating archetypes straight into your hands. Remix at will!”
– Erik Davis, author of
Nomad Codes: Adventures in Modern Esoterica
“With a masterful balance of wit and wisdom, the
White Witch Tarot
is a deck of true beauty, intrigue, and
playful poetic riddles to challenge the status quo.”
– Healer and Intuitive Aiden Chase
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