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An Autumn Perspective
Ken Paulsen
• The scenic beauty of the fall season in the Green Mountain State is displayed in 120+ photos
• Covered bridges, churches, waterfalls, and landscapes are shown in a kaleidoscope of color
• Includes well-known destinations like Lake Champlain as well as hidden gems on back roads
Vermont has long been acclaimed for its stunning natural beauty. It is nomore apparent than during autumn
when hues of red, orange, and yellow leaves cover the landscape of the Green Mountain State. Enjoy the
season as you view village scenes, waterfalls, covered bridges, pastoral images, and historic structures cloaked
in autumn splendor. Experience the familiar Vermont spots and the not so familiar as you view all corners
of the state through 120+ colorful photos. Views of Lake Champlain fromMt. Philo, Peacham Village, Old
First Church in Bennington, Windsor-Cornish Covered Bridge, Moss Glen Falls, and the idyllic Jenne Farm
scene are just a few of the more popular destinations. Hidden treasures await as you tour the back roads of
Vermont at this special time of the year.
Ken Paulsen
is retired and lives in northern New England where he pursues his interest in landscape
photography. He is also author of
New Hampshire: An Autumn Sojourn
Vermont: A Focus on Fall
Schiffer Publishing.
Size: 9 1/8" × 8 1/8" • 124 color images • 96 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5390-1 • hard cover • $16.99
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Crescent City Crimes:
Old New Orleans 1718–1918
Charles Cassady Jr.
• True crime stories from 1718–1918
• Includes murder, piracy and smuggling, ghosts and Voodoo, and more
• Celebrates the city’s 300th anniversary
In the first 200 years of New Orleans history, the Crescent City has earned a reputation for sin, temptation,
intrigue, lawlessness, ritual-magic, and ghosts. Step back in time to the city’s first fewcrime-stained centuries—
from 1718–1918—to explore classic tales of mischief, mayhem, and skullduggery. Arranged by topic, you
will be compelled to find out whether the heart of Dixie truly beats with wicked rhythms. Meet a cast of
rascals and ruffians as you relive the era of American piracy and smuggling. Discover legendary sorcery and
unspeakable rumors surrounding Voodoo and ghosts. Examine ritual violence, the largest mass-lynching
ever on US soil, and a unique red-light district. Remember, though, to have a jazz band or recording handy
. . . or the famed and frightening Axman may get you! Here, the sallow specter of crime tends to stand with
one foot in the annals of historical fact, the other in folklore.
Charles Cassady Jr
. graduated from Syracuse University and is an extensively published writer, critic,
photographer, and colorful racetrack character. He previously explored the lore of NewOrleans for his book
Paranormal Mississippi River
Size: 6" × 9" • 14 b/w images • 160 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5408-3 • soft cover • $16.99
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