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Unraveling an American Story of Artisans and Innovation
Peggy Hart
• Learn how wool consumption and manufacturing have intersected with America’s peoples and their history
• 100+ photos enhance the story of US wool’s far-reaching influence over the past 400 years
• With industry in decline, new generations are discovering the joys of raising sheep and handcrafting garments
Keeping people warm for four centuries, wool has been an essential commodity from colonial times to the
present.This book tells wool’s colorful and surprisingly epic tale and how it has impactedmillions of lives from
immigrants, slaves, and Native Americans to farmers and advertisers. Author Hart reveals little-known but
fascinating facts about US society—for example, howhuge flocks of sheepwere driven to the California gold
fields to feed hungry miners, and why sheep grazed on the White House lawn during World War I. Moving
from the realms of handcrafted artisanry to industrialization and back,
is a story of technological and
social change, marketing forces, and above all, consumer choices. A must-read for anyone who has knitted
socks, woven a tapestry, or curled up with a warm wool blanket.
Peggy Hart
is a teacher and production weaver. She designs, produces, and markets hundreds of blankets
each year, including customblankets for sheep and alpaca farmers using their own yarn. She weaves on totally
obsolete Crompton and Knowles W-3 industrial looms.
Size: 6" × 9" • 108 color & b/w images • 176 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5431-1 • soft cover • $19.99
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The Last Veterans of WorldWar II:
Portraits and Memories
Richard Bell, Foreword by TimWeiner
• Black-and-white portraits pay homage to the longest surviving WWII veterans
• Americans from all walks of life, from a future local plumber to a future US Supreme Court Justice
• Stories told through personal quotes, often chilling in their honesty
Chronicling the many faces of the WWII effort, these contemporary black-and-white portraits of the
longest surviving veterans remind us that the war comprised a collection of Americans from all walks of
life. Their penetrating gaze captures the ethos of the endeavor of war. Intimate memories offer glimpses into
the horrifying, and at times awe-inspiring, reality of war. The faces of these veterans, from all branches, are
juxtaposed with images of their youthful selves and serve as a visual representation of the expanse of their
life experiences. Appealing to the families of soldiers, academics, history buffs, and veterans of other wars,
this collection is a testament to the spirit of patriotism and strength of a collective American effort.
has had a lifelong career as a photographer, first working as a newspaper photojournalist and
later as a commercial advertising photographer. He currently works fromhis studio inHaddonTownship, NJ.
Size: 9" × 9" • 80+ b/w photos • 96 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5362-8 • hard cover • $24.99
AVAILABLE IN september
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