ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sara Berrenson is a Southern California watercolor artist who has a rapidly growing licensing program, including gift, home décor, stationery, greeting cards, fabrics, and more. She has designed for globally recognized brands, including Trader Joe’s and Mattel. Her items can be found at West Elm, Pottery Barn Kids, Target, HomeGoods, Nordstrom Rack, Bed Bath & Beyond, HSN, and specialty gift stores. When not painting in her studio, Sara can be found taking photographs at the flower mart or scouring flea markets for antique furniture and vintage finds. BRUSHES •Mediumbrush (4,6) •Smallbrush fordetails (2,3) COLOR PALETTE Anemone symbolizes anticipation; theexpectation that somethinggood is about tohappen. 32 1. Paint theflowershapewithacoatof water.Drop red inalong theedgesand let itbleed inwards. 2. Inblack,paint thecentercircleand surroundingstamens. 3. Now,adddetail to thepetals.Using adarker red,addcurvedbrushstrokes following theshapeof thepetals. Usingawatered-down red,add light strokes to thecenter.Last,paint the stemsand leavesusing the loose leaves technique(page00). Anemone wet on dry wet on wet wet on dry 33 BRUSHES •Medium/Largebrush forpineapple (6,8) •Small/Mediumbrush fordetails (3,4) COLOR PALETTE Bluebell symbolizes constancy or never-ending love. 42 1. Paint thebluebells inavarietyof bluesandpurples. It isokay if the colorsbleed intooneanother. 2. Fordetail,paint thin lines indarker shadesofblueandpurple.Make sureyourbrushstrokes follow the curveof thebellshape. 3. Paint thestemand leavesgreen. 4. Adddetail to thestemand leaves indarkergreen. Bluebells wet on dry wet on dry wet on dry wet on dry 43 Daffodil 1. Weteachpetalwithacoatofwater.Dropyellow inat the innerandouteredgesof thepetals.Let thecolorbleed into themiddle. 2. Paint thecenterareasof theflower in redandorange. 3. Nowwestartaddingdetails.Usingadarkeryellow,add curvedbrushstrokes following theshapeof thepetals.For thecenter,use thincurvedbrushstrokes indarkorange to adddefinition to theshape.Paint thestamendarkbrown and the leavesandstemgreen. 4. Further,adddetail to thepetals.Usingburntsienna, addmorecurvedbrushstrokes following theshapeof the petals.Adddetail to thestemand leaves indarkgreen. wet on dry wet on dry wet on wet wet on dry 61 50 beautiful motifs that can be painted in 30 minutes or less. Illustrated steps make it easy for visual learners to succeed. Color swatches, detailed instructions, and patterns for every tutorial. BETTER DAY BOOKS • 3