A follow-up to the successful first book! Tutorials are included for 50 popular flowers such as dahlia, daisy, hydrangea, peony, ranunculus, rose, sunflower, tulip, and others. Lessons are also included for seasonal wreaths and bouquets. Each painting can be completed in only 30 minutes, and no expensive materials are necessary. Printed on watercolor paper so readers can paint right inside the book! Watercolor the EasyWayFlowers Step-by-Step Tutorials for 50 Flowers, Wreaths, and Bouquets By SARA BERRENSON ț 50beautiful flowermotifs that can be painted in 30minutes or less. ț Color swatches and detailed instructions, all on one page. ț Illustrated stepsmake it easy for visual learners to succeed. ț Printed on watercolor paper. Paint right inside the book! Welcome to Better Day Books! We’re thrilled that you’ve found us, and we hope you’re inspired by the creative collection of titles we’ve prepared for you. Our company was founded on the belief that all people are creative and that making things by hand is inherently good for us. We believe in the power of books to teach and inspire creative ideas that lead to a better life for ourselves, our families, and our communities. We publish books that are not only informational, but also aspirational. We believe in 4 key ingredients to success: The right book, at the right time, at the right price— with awesome partners! OUR APPROACH Ș HAPPY: We build confidence, creativity, and kindness into every book. We believe in the power of making to improve the quality of life, for our readers and those around them. Ș CREATIVE: We inspire readers to make something beautiful every day. Our fresh ideas, beautiful imagery, and approachable instructions make the process easy, inviting, and unintimidating. Ș CURATED: We publish with passion. We have a handcrafted approach to publishing. We study the market and publish books that marry fresh ideas with compelling formats that inspire readers and win for our retail partners. Better Day Books are distributed through our copublishing partner, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. Please see the back page for contact information. Thank you for your support… it means the world to us! Peg Couch PUBLISHER AVAILABLE: August 2021 PRICE: $24.99 FORMAT: Softcover (with lay-flat binding) SIZE: 81/2" × 11" PAGE COUNT: 128 ISBN: 978-0-7643-6206-4 cover art :Paintedbutterfly©JessiRaulet, background lineart©CarPintos ™ Watercolor the EasyWay PRICE: $24.99 FORMAT: Soft cover (with lay-flat binding) SIZE: 81/2” × 11” PAGE COUNT: 128 ISBN: 978-0-7643-5982-8 Best Seller! 14,000 Sold in the first year.