New York City Horsepower: An Oral History of Fast Custom Machines

Michael McCabe

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New York City custom car and motorcycle culture has long been overshadowed by the left coast designers and machines. In this unprecedented book, urban anthropologist Michael McCabe presents the stories, innovators, and machines behind NYC car and motorcycle builders. He reveals an outsider's tale filled with passion, creativity, and high-speed thrills. Based on a year's worth of interviews and photo shoots with nearly 40 custom builders, McCabe offers unique access to their private, creative lives and impressive collections of machines in garages and workshops throughout the five boroughs. Legendary urban personalities like "Big Daddy" George LeBlanc, Mel Bernstein, and Dick Zigun tell the history of NYC horsepower, including nostalgia for the days of the NASCAR-sanctioned Weissglass Speedway on Staten Island, illegal street racing, car clubs, and shows. Voices from the groundswell of younger builders, like John Copeland, Sal Pepe, and Pete Ranko, complete this collection of oral histories and images and show respect for the city's hands-on narrative. With nearly 800 images of custom cars and motorcycle, this history is ideal for builders, car collectors, and urban historians.

Size: 11 3/4" x 9" | 796 b/w & color images | 304 pp
ISBN13: 9780764339615

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