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Nantucket Portrait: Fun & Games with the Super Rich...The Birth of Hard-Edge Realism

James H. Cromartie as told to J.W. Nostrand

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Jim Cromartie first came to Nantucket as a college student, but for the past 35 years he has called the island home. As a young artist, his major patron was the late Nelson Rockefeller, who introduced him to the world of art and started him on the path to becoming a major realistic painter at a time when abstract art was the norm. His work introduced the style of Hard-Edge Realism that is created in acrylic paint on wood panel and depicted all objects in the composition in exquisite detail. The resulting work is both dynamic and serene in a style reminiscent of Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth. As a lone-wolf realistic painter in a world gone wild over abstract art, Jim often felt overwhelmed but never quit his crusade to bring realism back to the forefront of art. The perfection of realism led him to a parallel career as a painter of historical buildings. Principal among his historical works are "The U.S. Capitol," the "White House," and the "Supreme Court." This new book tells his story in the first person, tracing the trials and joys of an artist struggling to find his style and acceptance in the world. It is a story told with wit and humor, and is sure to entertain, at the same time as it provides insight into the development of a significant contemporary artist. It is heavily illustrated with 73 color reproductions of Jim's work, representing both finished works and some of Jim's preparatory watercolor sketches.

Size: 12" x 9" | 101 color images | 176 pp
ISBN13: 9780764331121

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