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My Idea: A Guide to Bring Your Vision to Light

Words by Rod Tucker & Pictures by Rachel Eleanor

Available June 2022


Is the prototype half built? Is the book half written? Is the project not finished? My Idea comes alongside you as a whimsical companion and prods you with questions that help flesh out your idea until it is finally finished and ready to go out into the world. You’ll start by answering big questions that build the foundation of your idea, such as “What is my idea?” and “Whom and how does my idea help?” Next, you’ll zoom in closer to shape and feed your idea more specifically—“When do I want my idea to be finished?” and “Whom do I trust with my rough draft?” The hand-drawn illustrations will spark your imagination, helping you dream and create again with the childlike fearlessness that has been hiding deep inside you all along. The more you process and prepare with the help of My Idea, the more confidence and strength you’ll find to finally finish your idea and release it into the wild.

Size: 6" x 8" | 75 color and b/w images | 128 pp
ISBN13: 9780764364013

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Author, speaker, and creator Rod Tucker has always loved ideas and helping people. When he saw others frustrated at their inability to finish the ideas they had, he found in himself a unique capacity to take ideas and work them all the way through.

Atlanta-based illustrator Rachel Eleanor makes her living bringing ideas to life. Populating her pictures are characters engaged in pleasant hustle, bustle, and merrymaking, along with the occasional pilgrimage and quest. A voracious reader and podcastaholic, she gobbles up all kinds of stories and ideas but has a particular soft spot for the fantastical tales of the past. She uses them as the building blocks for her personal mythology, creating a backdrop on which to explore more-current topics of mindfulness, spirituality, and justice. Rachel has a background in museum education, graphic design, sketch noting, and branding. Today she illustrates full-time and works with magazines, brands, agencies, podcasts, and justice organizations to create work that is full of pep and compassion.