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My Heart Rocks

Amy M Dykens

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Imagine finding a perfectly shaped heart rock on the beach: a gift from the sea symbolizing the universal image of love, while also crystallizing the simple joys of walking by the water’s edge. Inspired by these wonders of nature, photographer Amy M Dykens presents here 135 beautiful images of heart rocks in their native environment along with her words of calm introspection and an appreciation of generosity and love. Some of these treasures are heart shaped, some have a heart image through or on them, but all are precious creations.

Size: 10" x 7" | 135 color photos | 144 pp
ISBN13: 9780764350634

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Photographer Amy M Dykens sees and captures the world in ways that surprise and delight others. Bringing her extensive background in the arts to the camera, Amy creates sensitive, artistic, and timeless photographs. She has a degree in art form Smith College and, as an artist, photographer, and furniture maker, has been represented in galleries and collections nationwide and has been honored with many one-woman shows and awards.  She specializes in wedding photography, portraits of children and newborns, and beach photography. Her images are treasures because they evoke emotion, whether from a newborn yawn, a father’s tear on his daughter’s wedding day, or a heart stone in the outgoing tide. Amy lives on Cape Cod with her two sons and spends time in Shelburne County Nova Scotia, near to the birthplace of her mother.