Morris Park Crew: The Official History

John F. Lorne

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No other graffiti crew from New York City's graffiti heyday conjures up more images of angel dust-smoking, beer-drinking, "crazy white boys," than the Bronx-born-and-bred writing group Morris Park Crew (MPC). This official history of the crew tells the stories behind the group with never-before-published photos, oral histories from MPC members, and details on the 2009-2010 MPC revival. Starting in 1977, when founding members Slip, Wedge, and Speed started the crew, this account continues with details of how Cap 1 took over and led the crew down its unforgettable path in the 1980s. With a penchant for going to war with rival graffiti crews for train space and territory, which in turn led to the largest city-wide cross-out campaign, the MPC was known as a bunch of thugs who beat, hung, and shot perceived rivals and a group of talent-less "toys." Wrapped up in this raw tell-all about the bad boys of NYC graffiti, are not just accounts of the crew's passion for graffiti, but the real-life challenges its young members faced in their urban environment.

Size: 11 3/4" x 9" | 402 color photos | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764341571

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John F. Lorne is a native of the Bronx and is a founder of the graffiti writing group Morris Park Crew (MPC). He lives in New Mexico, where he works with communities and youth to promote the positive aspects of art.