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More Hagen-Renaker Pottery

Nancy Kelly

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This volume in the Hagen-Renaker series of books continues where the first two left off, featuring models or colors not covered in the other books and catching up with more recently released figurines and a multitude of interesting pottery items in between. The chapters feature numerous horses, cats, dogs, other animals, Disney characters, and dealer special runs. The Albert Staehle Saturday Evening Post dog, "Butch," has a special feature, as do some of the Zany Zoo critters and the popular Little Horribles. There are also many unique, rare treasures not commonly seen, and a section on imitations. Finally, the book features a tribute to several of the talented artists and craftspeople who were with Hagen-Renaker pottery since the early 1950s. Nearly 500 images fill this book, along with detailed, informative text and suggested prices to enhance the value of this reference.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 462 color images | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764348105

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While growing up in the Motor City, Nancy Kelly discovered the artistry of Hagen-Renaker and began collecting their horses and other animals in the early 1970s. A love of Hagen Renaker horses lead this horse-crazy collector to California where she was thrilled to meet the artists and craftspeople and feature their creations in this trilogy of books. Throughout her adult life, Nancy has continued to communicate with other collectors and company employees, sharing photos and stories about the wonderful items that came from this southern California pottery company. She is grateful for the warm welcome extended to her by John and Maxine Renaker, Sue Nikas, and the other folks associated with Hagen-Renaker pottery.