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More Board Games

Desi Scarpone

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Board games are flat out fun! They continue to fascinate players and collectors alike, long after their lives on toy store shelves, and their appeal is rapidly growing. Demand for games has only increased worldwide with the growth of the Internet fueling the collector market. From Monopoly to Battleship, Annie Oakley to Magilla Gorilla, this completely new book presents over 1,000 color photographs of board games, from current favorites to great classics dating back to the 1920s. It includes an informative text, vintage advertisements, and current market prices. There is a special chapter on Remco Industries, which had a small but sought after output of games in the 1950s and 1960s. More Board Games** continues where the author's first book, Board Games**, left off. It is sure to satisfy the game-playing appetites of collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts everywhere.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 1082 color photos | Price Guide | 176 pp
ISBN13: 9780764311611

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Desi Scarpone lives in Los Angeles where he works in film and television. He has been collecting board games since he was a young child.