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Monet: The Master Jewelers

Alice Vega, with Photography by Terry Niefield

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As one of the oldest costume jewelry companies still in existence, Monet has, for almost 70 years, made jewelry that cannot be surpassed for its quality, craftsmanship, and audacious design. Monet: The Master Jewelers is a long overdue, in-depth look at this innovative and enduring company. Through comprehensive research, little known facts about Monet and its founders, Michael and Joseph Chernow, as well as the people behind it, are revealed for the first time. Misconceptions about the company's origins and its early years are finally corrected. This is also a visual celebration of the artistry of Monet jewelry throughout the decades. Delving well beyond basic gold necklaces and earrings, you will be overwhelmed by the diversified and unique styling of the many bracelets, charms, earrings, and necklaces Monet pioneered throughout their long history. The Monet experience is further explored through vintage magazine and newspaper advertisements, patents, rare company and family photos, as well as never-before-published memorabilia from the early Monocraft years. Collectors, dealers, designers, stylists, and anyone with an appreciation of costume jewelry and its history will find this book to be a valuable and must-have reference.

Size: 9" x 12" | 420+ color and 190+ b/w images | 288 pp
ISBN13: 9780764337222

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Alice Vega is passionate about history, preservation, and the arts, and believes that the link between fashion, jewelry, and its history provides a fascinating insight into our cultural heritage. She lives and works in Manhattan. Terry Niefield is a freelance advertising photographer specializing in still life photography. Terry lives and works in New York City.