Mirth in the Morning...and All Laughternoon: 1,001 Cartoons to Fill the Day with Delight

Jonny Hawkins

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This treasure trove of humor from one of the country's most prolific cartoonists is filled with comics that range in subject matter from fishing and golf to medicine and business, dogs and cats to children and family. Selected from the fruits of a 30-year freelance career, the cartoons are done in pastels, gray wash, and digital color, with most of the pieces designed in a campy, reader-friendly, black and white line-drawn style. These single-panel illustrations take a peek at our everyday lives—turned on their heads—and are served with witty quips, clever one-liners, and puns, or are occasionally presented as wordless frames conveying a delightfully slapstick scenario. Fans of the funny papers and readers looking for a quick and easy laugh will relate to the ingeniously illustrated, often very silly, situations, which capture our foibles, fears, and just a few flaws, on every page.

Size: 9 1/8" x 8 1/8" | 1,001 color & b/w images | 304 pp
ISBN13: 9780764351839

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Jonny Hawkins has drawn more than 26,000 cartoons for over 800 publications, including five annual "Cartoon a Day" calendars. He lives in Sherwood, Michigan, with his wife, Carissa, and their kids, Nate, Zach, and Kara, a dog, and six cats.