Mini-Cheers©: Carving Miniature Santas

Ron Ransom

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Santa "Mini-Cheers"© answer the wood carver's perennial question, "What can I do with all of these basswood scraps?" Presented are six patterns and instructions for carving three miniature Santas and a larger Santa holding a snowman. All are carved in an "Old World" style, with simplicity and character. Ron skill-fully guides the carver through each project with straight-forward, step-by-step directions, color illustrations, and a bit of humor. A gallery is included.For those who are familiar with Ron's other books, this one will be a welcome addition. For new carvers, this book will both guide you through the process and inspire you to forge ahead in the wood carvers craft.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 260+ color photos, 6 patterns | 64 pp
ISBN13: 9780887408243

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