Memories of Australia: Abandoned Buildings and Their Stories

Matt Bushell

Available November 2021


How do we engage with places that once played a pivotal role in our communities? Memories of Australia explores this question by documenting abandoned buildings across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. Witness how nature is leading a successful takeover of old convents, power plants, textile factories, skate parks, and houses that now sit idle, awaiting their fate. The photographs document the architecture and interiors of Australia’s industrial past, often exposing scenes that invite curiosity about a social culture that has slowly faded away. With subjects ranging from the once-important to the obscure, these haunting images show how the coastal areas are different from the harsh, dry interior, some of which has been declared uninhabitable. Backstories about the buildings often accompany these singular glimpses, leaving us to contemplate the architectural and cultural legacy of this mesmerizing landscape.

Size: 11" x 9" | 249 color images | 240 pp
ISBN13: 9780764362835

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Photography is an integral part of Matt Bushell’s everyday life. Drawn to the urban environment, he documents the frail beauty of once-lived-in spaces. He has developed a fondness for derelict buildings that have fallen into disrepair and conceded to mother nature. His images breathe new life into beloved historical buildings by recalling their former beauty. Matt’s images are highly formal in composition; they are often symmetrically balanced and at times so tightly cropped that they verge on abstraction. His scenes are often void of human figures, making them feel like a vision of a dystopian future. When a figure is present, the person is often unidentifiable, facing away from the camera to mimic the lone survivor.