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Meissen Figures 1730-1775: The Kaendler Period

Yvonne Adams

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German Meissen porcelain figures made during the Kaendler Period are considered the best era in the Meissen factory's history. They are organized here by their subjects, depicting Street Traders, Court Life, Military and Hunting scenes, Italian Comedy, Children, Mythology, Artisans, and various nationalities. Many figures are matched to the original engravings that inspired them. By recognizing the colors used when the originals were made, one can date the figures; manufacturer marks alone are not reliable. This book guides and delights today's designers and collectors by presenting the figures in exquisite detail.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 305 color & 220 b/w photos | Index | 208 pp
ISBN13: 9780764312403

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Yvonne Adams is a respected porcelain dealer and serious collector from England who shows fine pieces at international antiques fairs.