Martha’s Vineyard

Michael Kahn

Available October 2021


In over 60 handmade, black-and-white photographs, renowned film photographer Michael Kahn renders Martha’s Vineyard beachscapes in exquisite detail. Produced in his darkroom, these masterful, curated images depict the diversity and intense beauty of this enchanting island. Scenes of Edgartown, South Beach, Zack’s Cliffs, and other locations are interspersed with inspirational quotes and poetry. The warm, tritone-printed images represent the artist’s 22 years of work using a 1950s camera to capture the area’s sculpted beaches on traditional film, and producing the images as luminous silver gelatin prints.

Size: 8" x 8" | 65 b/w images | 128 pp
ISBN13: 9780764362699

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Michael Kahn learned traditional photography in a portrait studio where they used Hasselblad cameras with a square 6x6 cm film format. Here Michael received hands-on training in film handling and black-and-white printmaking. After working in advertising, product, and editorial photography, in the mid-’90s Michael took his first sailing photograph of a small boat in the fog on a lake in the Adirondacks, thus beginning his nautical photography career. He made the decision to continue using his film cameras rather than digital equipment and continues to make handmade photographs in his darkroom. Images from his worldwide travels are featured in magazines, museums, corporate and private collections, and fine-art galleries. Michael loves everything about nature and is interested in preservation. His other books are Healing Power of Water, Sailing, East Coast Atlantic Beaches, Brandywine, Spirit of Sailing, and Over the Dunes.