Luftwaffe Combat Aircraft Development • Production • Operations: 1935-1945

Manfred Griehl & Joachim Dressel

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This new book is a detailed survey and a anew perspective on the development of Luftwaffe aircraft from 1935-1945. Special emphasis has been placed on details of weaponry, equipment and other areas that have up to now been inadequately covered. Many readers will therefore be rewarded with new insights into the area of German aircraft development, as well as the logistics of the Luftwaffe flying units.
The book is organized into the basic elements of the German Lutfwaffe - presenting training, pilot operations and ground crews, the individual development steps during aircraft construction, testing, pre-production models, production and finally combat usage. Numerous examples of weapons and supplemental armament, as well as diverse weapons systems and ordinance can be found throughout.
Manfred Griehl and Joachim Dressel are also the authors of Luftwaffe Airfield Equipment (available from Schiffer Publishing).

Size: 7" x 10" | 0 | 196 pp
ISBN13: 9780887406836

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