Lost in Legend: South Carolina’s Coastal Ghosts

Bruce Orr

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A child accidentally entombed alive and abandoned to die, the heartbroken ghost of a tormented teenage girl bullied by her brother, corpses of decapitated soldiers, and cursed pirate gold: South Carolina has its haunts! Join a retired homicide investigator and founder of the company Lost in Legend, Bruce Orr, as he investigates the history behind the hauntings and the facts behind the folklore of South Carolina’s coastal legends. Read 14 in-depth accounts that provide historic context important to local myths, folklore, and legends, as well as the paranormal outcomes and current research and beliefs that still shroud the state. Visit Edisto Island’s Legare Tomb, Alice Flagg of Murrells Inlet, Blackbeard’s blockade of the Charleston Harbor, and more. You may know the legends, you may have seen the ghosts; now learn the facts behind the events.

Size: 6" x 9" | 30 b/w images | 112 pp
ISBN13: 9780764355455

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ce Orr is a former criminal investigator turned author. After retiring, Mr. Orr combined his love for investigation and research with his love for history and writing. As a result of multiple historical and paranormal projects Mr. Orr founded his company "Lost in Legend." The focus of his organization is to research and promote the facts behind the folklore and the history of the hauntings. Often this creates new and increased interest in the legends he explores. This has led to Mr. Orr being sought as a speaker and lecturer and also as a consultant on the area’s legends, folklore, and paranormal residents. He has written several books and articles and has been a consultant to episodes on paranormal television shows such as Ghost Hunters, My Ghost Story, and Mysteries at the Museum. His book, Six Miles to Charleston, was featured in the 2011 season’s finale on Ghost Adventures.