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Lilies & Magnolias: Botanical Watercolors of Deborah Passmore Gillingham

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Lilies & Magnolias: Botanical Watercolors of Deborah Passmore Gillingham

Introduction by John Duncan

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This lavish, hand-painted artist volume comes to light for the first time since it was created by Deborah Passmore Gillingham (b. ? – 1877) in the mid 1870s. A celebration of the lilies and magnolias of the American south, it will be a treasure for all who love antique botanical art. Carefully reproduced here, this volume includes 49 exquisite renderings of lilies and 5 lovely magnolias, along with illuminated Latin titles. You’re likely to find your favorite member of the lily family, whether it is lotus, amaryllis, calla, or daylily variety. Each print is on perforated paper, sized at 9 x 12 inches, and ready to fit standard frames to adorn your wall. Whether you choose to separate the pictures to display, or simply enjoy the collection on your table, this faithful reproduction is sure to be treasured, as was the original by a small handful of stewards during its first 200 years of existence.

Size: 9″ x 12″ | 54 color illustrations | 112 pp
ISBN13: 9780764334412 | Binding: soft cover


Professor John Duncan and his wife, Ginger, operate V & J Duncan Antique Maps, Prints and Books on the street level of their home on Monterey Square in Savannah. This incredible discovery has been one of his personal treasures for many years, despite offers in the five digits.