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Lifeguards of the Jersey Shore

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Lifeguards of the Jersey Shore

Michael Fowler , Bernard A. Olsen, Edward Olsen

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The compelling story of how and why modern ocean lifeguarding emerged on the New Jersey shore is told through 298 rare, unpublished, primary source photographs and fascinating text. This state-wide perspective of beach patrols, from Sandy Hook to Cape May, provides a unique, first-hand outlook garnered from interviews with many of the most prominent personalities in the lifeguard community.Learn the myths and realities of lifeguarding’s history, beginning with the origins and pioneers, and how the United States Life-Saving Service emerged in response to early shipwrecks. Evolving gear reflects how technology has enhanced ocean rescue’s effectiveness, paved with the guards’ commitment to physical and mental conditioning. A window into the culture of lifeguarding, you’ll enjoy the idiosyncrasies that have become common denominators among guards up and down the coast. This is a story that has long needed to be told.

Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″ | 167 color and 131 b/w photos | Index | 128 pp
ISBN13: 9780764334917 | Binding: soft cover


Michael Fowler has been lifeguarding every summer since 1964. Bernard Olsen has written two historical books and many articles, and he lectures extensively throughout the state. Edward Olsen is a Health and Physical Education teacher and coach who serves as a lifeguard captain in Long Branch, New Jersey.