LEEDING the Way: Domestic Architecture for the Future: LEED Certified, Green, Passive & Natural

E. Ashley Rooney & Ross Cann, Adam Prince & Virge Temme

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This book takes you through 53 homes that reflect the growing trend for environmentally friendly houses. Resource- and energy-efficient residences are designed to be healthy, comfortable, and easy to live in, and construction of a sustainable home includes using less energy, fewer natural resources, and fewer toxic chemicals. The homes featured here meet a variety of guidelines: LEED, a point-based system with specific certification criteria; green, a construction standard based on reduction of energy use; Passive House, a design standard that can result in a super-insulated, airtight home; and natural, a type of construction using natural resources without technological intervention. More than 300 images show a wide variety of designs and styles, including cottages and beach houses, prairie and vineyard residences, prefabricated and renovated homes, and much more.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 306 color images | 192 pp
ISBN13: 9780764349256

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Ashey Rooney has a solid reputation for her architectural and design books. Green Homes (2008) and Asian-Inspired Architecture and Design (2010) were just two of her highly-accessible, thought-provoking books. Her books provide the opportunity to see an eclectic selection of awe-inspiring homes and meet their architects.Several of her books have received special awards for their high-quality design and content.