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Lancashire Folk: Ghostly Legends and Folklore from Ancient to Modern

Melanie Warren

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Journey through Lancashire, England, to visit 155 places where strange history meets creepy modern times. Arranged alphabetically by town and place, the stories tell of ghosts, witches, fairies, dragons, and altercations with the Devil (who is not as clever as he thinks!). Legends connected to ancient monuments, holy wells, and the locations of Green Man carvings are also included. Sometimes these tales echo history and sometimes they come from a deeper folklore. Sometimes ghost stories are discredited...sometimes they are not. A useful guidebook for tourists and travelers, this book is also an invaluable compendium for serious researchers. Stories are indexed by type and a separate index lists postcodes and Ordnance Survey map references for those who wish to visit the locations for themselves.

Size: 6" x 9" | 18 color images | 240 pp
ISBN13: 9780764349836

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Melanie Warren has collected British folk tales and ghost stories for almost four decades and her fascination with her subject shines through in this collection. For many years, Melanie was a paranormal investigator under the auspices of research association ASSAP and was a member of the Society for Psychical Research. She took part in innumerable ghost-hunts and never saw a ghost, although she did have several experiences she finds hard to explain… She was also BBC Radio Lancashire’s resident "paranormal expert" and co-authored two collections of ghost stories, which were broadcast on BBC local radio stations. Melanie is now concentrating on turning her extensive collection of stories and tales into a series of books, one county at a time. Melanie lives in Lancashire and has done so all her life.

"Melanie certainly has gone through her extensive collection and pulled together a comprehensive and engaging book on the area. The book hits the right notes from the start, Mel's contents are alphabetical by town, covering 155 locations and gives the reader a good format to follow and dip in and out of. The introduction is well written and talks in particular about the county's rich connection with witchcraft and various Devil tales over the centuries and also includes an area which can often be overlooked in paranormal books, the development of folklore and legends surrounding locations and monuments such as standing stones, Holy wells and springs. Having read a lot of these old tales and accounts while doing my own research for Mysterious Britain it's interesting to see how Mel has pulled the information together from a wide variety of sources and written them up in a nice style that's factual and easy to read." —Mysterious Britain & Ireland