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Kristy’s Summer Cutting Garden: A Watercoloring Book

Kristy Rice

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Thefirst in a series of seasonal watercoloring books based on artist Kristy’s Rice’scutting gardens, this book celebrates summer’s languid blossoms such as anemone, hollyhocks, coneflowers, and fuchsia. Her easy-to-learn,joy-driven approach includes simple tutorials on how to use watercolorand where to find affordable materials. A stationery-industrytastemaker, Kristy believes that making art, regardless of skill level,has the power to reconnect us to each other and ourselves. Touchingbrush to paper with water and color releases an inexplicable calm thatso many of us long for, and making art, even in short bursts, brings usback to ourselves by slowing time.With 25 detailed, yet whimsicalillustrations, artists are invited to continue the journey begun in herfirst watercoloring book series, Painterly Days.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 39 color and b/w images | 60 pp
ISBN13: 9780764353369

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Author of the popular Painterly Days series of watercoloring books, Kristy Rice wears many hats—entrepreneur, mama, celebrity invitationdesigner, stylist—but her first love is painting. As a six-year-old justwanting to make art, she would hide under the bed covers with her artsupplies and a flashlight. It was clear from the start that Kristy woulduse a paintbrush to make her mark on the world. Her obsession with paint and paper has evolved into an innovative brand, Momental Designs, which garners global attention from media, celebrities, and some of the world’s most creative individuals and iconic brands. Along with a team of nine inspiring women, Kristy continues to invigorate the worlds of styling, stationery, design, and art licensing.