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Kinder Gardens: Games and Adventures

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Kinder Gardens: Games and Adventures

Michael Glassman & Lisa Ely

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A typical child spends only 4 to 7 minutes outside each day. You may wonder, “How could that be?” It’s time to teach kids how much fun it is to play outside—to romp in the dirt and run in the sun! Let Kinder Garden show you and your kids how gardening is a great form of exercise that will teach healthy eating while building brain muscles. Did you know that flowers are not the only things in the garden that bloom and grow—kids do, too! Karden, the puppet pal, reminds us that, with just a leaf, you can have fun for hours outside in the garden. Karden® introduces 25 fun games like building a soil castle, making a sunflower watch, creating muddy art, and sponge tag! This book will help inspire adults and children to turn gardening into a family project full of fun memories, as well as to get a little exercise, too!

Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″ | 200 color photos | 64 pp
ISBN13: 9780764338113 | Binding: soft cover


Lisa lives in California creating, crafting, and cooking up ideas with Karden in the “Idea Factory.” Michael is an award-winning landscape designer/owner in a prestigious California design firm. This is their second Kinder Garden book.