Kimono, Vanishing Tradition: Japanese Textiles of the 20th Century

Cheryl Imperatore & Paul MacLardy, with Tena Turner

Revised and updated 2nd edition

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Kimono is a generic term for traditional Japanese clothing; it means “thing to wear.” This revised and expanded second edition provides an overview of various traditional garments, introduces types of designs found in twentieth century kimono that are still available, and presents wearable art and home décor inspired by kimono from contemporary artists. Because wearing kimono is diminishing and kimono are disappearing from Japanese wardrobes, they will become increasingly collectible. Each of the fourteen chapters opens with the definition of the type of apparel covered including everyday, formal, etc., as well as their use in Japanese life. The terms are further explained in the glossary. Over 525 color photographs display brilliant and subtle textile designs and demonstrate beauty in men’s, women’s, and children’s garments and accessories. Textile and clothing designers will find a wealth of inspiration here, as well as vintage clothing enthusiasts and those who wish to wear kimono traditionally.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 528 color and B/W photos | 256 pp
ISBN13: 9780764350504

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Cheryl Imperatore and Paul MacLardy were co-founders of Arise Inc., a large supplier of vintage kimono, headquartered in the Washington, DC, area. Cheryl Imperatore maintains a personal trove of textiles from many countries, with an emphasis on Japan, as The Goods Goods Collection. She resides in Boyds, MD.Paul MacLardy is the owner of Arise Bazaar, a wholesale and retail business specializing in Asian textiles, antiques, furniture, and artifacts. Arise Bazaar has lectured and mounted numerous exhibits of Japanese kimono co-curated by Tena Turner at museums and Japanese cultural events.  [email protected],, Arise Bazaar on Facebook. Tena Turner has worked for Arise and Arise Bazaar for 15 years and maintains her own extensive collection of kimono and Japanese textiles.