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Michael Adams , Jürgen Lukas, and Thomas Maschke

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Jukeboxes and their records, symbols of the lively days of petticoats and rock’n roll, are making a comeback. Collectors world-wide are searching them out wherever they can find them. The American chrome giants made by Seeburg, Wurlitzer, Rock-Ola, and AMI enjoy the greatest popularity in museums and collections, for they were in the witnesses of the “Golden Fifties”.In Jukeboxes, these musical machines come to life again. Here is the history of the development, the technology, and the stars. Here also is information on the manufacturers, a photo chronicle of their evolution, and advice on collecting, maintaining and restoring jukeboxes from the `50s and `60s. An illustrated index of model numbers by manufacturer will be especially helpful to the collector.

Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″ | 305 photos | Price Guide | 144 pp
ISBN13: 9780887408762 | Binding: hard cover


Michael Adams is a photographer, Jurgen Lukas is a collector and co-author of a book on pinball machines, and Thomas Maschke is editor-in-chief of the magazine Aktive Forografie. They live in Germany.