Iron Trails of North America: 1978-2008

Robert W. Burns

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Earlier in the 20th century, the Pennsylvania Railroad was the transportation leader in the United States, moving ten percent of the rail traffic with only four percent of the U.S. route mileage. In the northeast, the Pennsy seemed to reach everywhere. Little wonder today that when these veteran engines operate, they draw thousands trackside, from older people who knew the railroad to kids who were born years after Pennsy's demise. For a few moments, they get a glimpse at what once was the "Standard Railroad of the World."With this new book, you can see and read about the modern trains that still captivate onlookers and the new railroad companies, including the famous Santa Fe Railway to CSX and ALCO lines, that have served across North America in the last thirty years. Over 450 exciting color photos show engines and trains in use at breathtaking locations across the continent. The engaging, detailed text explains modern-day railroad mergers and engine markings, histories, unique characteristics, and the web of routes in the transportation system that keeps goods moving over iron trails every day. The author shares his eye-witness sightings through his photography and deep knowledge of recent American trains.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 453 color photos | Index | 176 pp
ISBN13: 9780764332623

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Robert W. Burns has been photographing American railroads on the run for thirty years. He had access to the B & O branchline to Mt. Jewett, Pennsylvania, from his boyhood home, and spent much of his adult "vacation time" recording trains on lines across the country. His research into the business side of railroads, as well as their remarkably accurate identification, is both extensive and precise. He lives near the tracks in Sheffield, Pennsylvania.