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In the Night Sky: The Astrological Zodiac for Children

Rayne Storm

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Age level: Middle Grade: Ages 8–12


Explore the basic fundamentals of the Zodiac with children, allowing them to understand all that the night sky has to offer. Through fun trivia, puzzles, prose, and challenges, this refreshing workbook provides hours of educational play that can be revisited over and over. Children will be helped to make sense of the influences that surround every one of us. For each of the 12 Astrological Zodiacs there are corresponding aspects in different areas like: their element, planetary ruler, color, stone, and motto. Even the placement of each Zodiac has significance, as it was once used as an Astrological calendar. In the Night Sky focuses on learning to recognize the constellations and their aspects, hearing more about their stories, and finding how they came to be and the lessons that they teach.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 105 b/w & color images | 88 pp
ISBN13: 9780764345036

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Rayne Storm, is a new age children’s author, illustrator, and earth-based spiritualist with Yggdrasil roots. This Norse Mama of two has rooted herself into the Northern Tradition, with her branches stretched outwards in all directions, focusing her work on integrating spiritual beliefs with home n’ hearth. Over the last decade, her journey has allowed her to explore and experience many different cultures and belief systems, rediscovering and make new again so much that has been lost or was nearing extinction. Her journey is far from over as she knows there is still so much to learn, to experience, and to teach. Her life objective is to help build personal libraries for children, complete with workbooks that can also be used as resource books. In addition to her books, she creates worksheets, coloring sheets, and other activities to further the minds of children about a world they have yet to discover, explore, and create.“I consider my books, my work to be like the moon: a guiding light from which to learn, to live, and to share. It is that light that little wolf cubs will be drawn to—to learn and to play. Those cubs will someday grow up to live their own lives with the foundation of what they have learned. They are the teachers of tomorrow, sharing their lessons with their own cubs, who come to play and to learn, beneath the love and light of the moon.” - Rayne Storm