In the Chasms of Water, Stone, and Light: Passages through the Grand Canyon

John Annerino

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From the supernal peaks of sacred temples to the depths of roaring river rapids, author/photographer/adventurer John Annerino takes us off the Grand Canyon's tourist grid to retrace the footpaths and rough-water passages of its earliest explorers. Spectacular photographs and stories of Annerino's own dicey expeditions in the canyon and on the Colorado River are juxtaposed with historical tales, illustrations, and black-and-white images taken by pioneering photographers. Annerino visits the ancient sites of native peoples who roamed the far corners of this otherworldly abyss, and in vivid prose provides firsthand descriptions of the hidden landscapes explored by Spanish missionaries, scientists, National Geographic Society parties, and women river runners. These trailblazing treks tested their endurance in extreme conditions and, for some, yielded rare plant and animal specimens that were collected for scientific study. Join Annerino on this wild adventure in what National Geographic called the "greatest and most spectacular canyon system on earth."

Size: 8" x 10" | 146 | 176 pp
ISBN13: 9780764357602

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John Annerino is a photographer and author of distinguished photography books, photographic essays, and single-artist calendars of the American West and Old Mexico. His work has appeared in prestigious publications, and includes award-winning photography for National Geographic Adventure, and the map, "The Grand Canyon Explored," on display as a wall mural at the Grand Canyon National Geographic Visitor Center.

John Annerino chronicles love and enchantment of an extraordinary landscape with exquisite photographs and prose. It is a crowning work. In 2019, we celebrate 100 years since the designation of Grand Canyon National Park, and yet the river that is the flowing heart of this land has been carving this greatest of all chasms for millions of years. Water, time, and wind are portrayed with aesthetic sensitivity by Annerino. He includes in his photographic journeys historic images of those who lived in the great canyon and also those who traveled through. There are many tales in each of the journeys undertaken by Mr. Annerino along with a very rich portfolio of outstanding photographs. Three women river runners are also profiled, and they feared nothing except being denied the chance to row the wild rapids of the great red river of the American Southwest. A book to inspire everyone. -- Wendover Brown, Cofounder, Browntrout Publishers