Imperial German Military Officers' Helmets and Headdress: 1871-1918

Thomas N.G. Stubbs

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This long-awaited work is a detailed reference on the officer's headdress of the Imperial German army from 1871-1918. Described and shown in full color are helmets from the following subjects: generals, infantry, cavalry, artillery, technical troops, communication troops, train, semi-military forces, medical and veterinary services, intendance and supply, the beamte, marine infantry and the colonial forces. Informative and detailed descriptions trace the changing models and patterns, as well as the "nuts and bolts" of assembly. Also discussed are the Imperial German Army's organization, service, and recruiting of the period from all of the Kingdoms, Grand Dukedoms and Princedoms, as well as the Hanseatic Free States. This book is an important source on Imperial headdress for collectors, dealers, historians, auctioneers and restorers.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | over 400 color and black and white photographs | 544 pp
ISBN13: 9780764318757

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