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Illustrated Encyclopedia of British Willow Ware

Connie Rogers

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Combining over 1,000 color photographs of ceramic tableware, an equal number of manufacturers' marks, and an expansive text, this is the most comprehensive catalog of the famous British Willow pattern and its known variations ever attempted, featuring wares spanning from the late eighteenth to the early twenty-first century. Not only are the wares of the famous English Staffordshire potting district displayed, but also Willow Ware from Yorkshire, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. The text provides detailed information on over 400 different pottery factories, including William Adams & Sons, Bo'ness Pottery, Copeland & Garrett, S. Fielding & Company, Minton, and Wedgwood. Also included is information on foreign retailers and importers, a glossary, bibliography, several indicies, and current market values in the captions. This book will be a continual reference source and inspiring for all who appreciate British pottery and the timeless Willow pattern.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 1120 color, 1001 b/w photos | Price Guide/Index | 392 pp
ISBN13: 9780764319327

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Connie Rogers has been collecting, studying, and writing about the Willow pattern for over thirty years.