I Love Those Earrings: A Popular History from Ancient to Modern

Jane Merrill, with Chris Filstrup

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Earrings can talk of mourning a dead king, supporting a revolution, or resisting an emperor. They have carried the message that a proper Victorian believed in Darwin, and that a woman invited a lover to her bed. Raid the jewelry boxes of the glamorous, legendary, and everyday chic women alike. See what earrings they have worn, when, and why, in ways that bespeak their way of life and personality, and how jewelry carries family and cultural heritage with style. Looking at earrings as tiny sculptures, here are details about gems, settings, and fixtures. Lavishly illustrated with over 300 images of jewelry ranging from the Byzantine era to the contemporary artisan, the styles of design, relationships to dress, portraiture and symbolism, and other aspects of adornment are elaborated upon. With research-based anecdotes and her own life in earrings, the author tells a story that will engage anyone interested in celebrities, monarchies, and the barely recorded lives of women of the past, and, of course, anyone who loves beautiful jewelry.

Size: 9" x 12" | 325 images | 224 pp
ISBN13: 9780764345166

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Jane Merrill has published articles in 50 national magazines including The New Republic, New York, Cosmopolitan, Penthouse, Connoisseur, Town & Country, Harvard and History. She has written books on popular culture, beauty, lifestyle, and self-help. Her latest book, The Wedding Night: A Popular History, was also written with Chris Filstrup. Jane has graduate degrees from Columbia and Harvard and a BA from Wellesley, and has resided abroad on two continents. Of her three lovely accomplished daughters and daughter-in-law, all wear earrings except the youngest, who appreciates them as art objects. Jane and David, whose drawings of earring closures appear in the book, live on the St. George Peninsula in Maine and suburban Boston. Chris Filstrup is an academic librarian at Stony Brook University in NY, and the author of China: From Emperors to Communes and Beadazzled—The Story of Beads. He has graduate degrees from Harvard and Columbia universities. Filstrup has taught courses on political rock 'n' roll and library special collections in New York City.