Hula Dancers & Tiki Gods

Chris Pfouts

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The dream of pure freedom in the South Pacific islands has never died on the mainland; sometimes it's more of an ache than a dream. Over time and through the mill of popular culture, the dream has been distilled into two enduring images: the hula dancer and the tiki god. This book displays over 500 color images of collectible hula dancers and tiki gods with which readers can have a little exotic fun and maybe catch a tropical thrill along the way. The hula dance provided an escape in its original culture, and here the dancers are shown in sections devoted to flat images, three-dimensions, crank girls, and Hollywood's versions from the twentieth century. The tiki gods that 1960s surfers wore for luck around their necks may have deeper meanings as well, and became the most important symbol of cool adulthood that mainland youngsters could imagine. Here lamps, figures, posters, and souvenirs all come together for entertainment and enjoyment. All dreamers of tropical pleasures will covet copies of this book to linger over. And the values guide will bring them quickly and happily back to reality.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 540 photos | Price Guide | 208 pp
ISBN13: 9780764312472

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Chris Pfouts grew up in Los Angeles and spent much of his 1950s youth around Hawaiian artifacts. He has edited *International Tattoo Art magazine since its launch. Pfouts’ writing has won several awards, including the American Motorcycle Association’s Brighter Image award. He paints and sculpts under the name Automatic Slim.