Hudson Valley History and Mystery

Michael Adamovic

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The Hudson Valley is rooted in the mysterious. In fact, author Washington Irving called it “the spellbound region.” But whether fact, superstition, or legend, the mystery of the region is detailed here through an amazing range of sites from enigmatic stone structures and ancient petroglyphs, to battlefields, haunted mountaintops, and popular waterfalls. Tales of ghosts and strange creatures, a hint of the supernatural, and attention-grabbing folklore and real-life experiences abound, including a fair share of lost treasure—from the infamous pirate Captain Kidd and outlaw Claudius Smith, to the more modern gangster, Dutch Schultz. Each of the 20 chapters includes mystifying stories, beautiful and expansive photography, and a “Getting There” section that provides coordinates and detailed directions to the location. So whether you’re in the mood for an armchair vacation, or real visits to mysterious places, the Hudson Valley region is the place to be.

Size: 6" x 9" x 7/8" | 53 color photos | 196 pp
ISBN13: 9780764360244

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Mike Adamovic has lived in New York’s Hudson Valley all his life. Since his early years he has been keen on exploring the many natural and cultural curiosities that exist across the region. When he’s not out documenting some unique or mysterious site, he’s often busy with his photography business, Adamovic Nature Photography. Mike has also authored Hudson Valley Reflections: Illustrated Travel & Field Guide.